The lambskin product is best dry cleaned. We recommend dry cleaning where possible

Small stains can be wiped off using sponge or washer dipped in a solution of wool wash mixed with 500ml of water.


The product is machine washable on a cold or warm cycle. Use Wool wash only, not commercial laundry powder or creams as they may wash the natural oils out of the lambskin and lambswool leaing the wool dry and the leather stiff and damaged after drying.

You may tumble dry on cold setting only, do not tumble dry on heat setting. The product is best dried in a shady or filtered sunlight position over the back of a chair or line.
Do not dry in direct sunlight or high temperature position. Do not dry over a heater or other source of high heat.

The lambskin has been tanned using EcoTan environmentally and user friendly tanning agents and techniques. It was tanned with the health of the environment and the end user in mind.