Happy Baby when in the comfort of Lambini Baby Carrier


I always love to get feedback from parents (and babies) who use the Lambini Baby Carrier.  So many great comments from how easy it is to wear and travel with, to the comfort it provides for their baby.  They deserve the best.  Especially on those extra chilly days.  Hannah pictured here was a huge fan and loved wearing it in the country where she is based.

Lambini Baby Carrier – Fashion statement


Lambini was so thrilled when Hello magazine from the UK had added this to their ‘Wish List’ of Fashion items.  So many parents prefer to carry their baby in style and it really is a fashion statement as well as being super comfy and cosy.  This is one of the reasons I created the baby carrier as I couldn’t find any stylish or attractive baby carriers when I had my babies.

Asher Keddie back on Offspring this year


As a huge admirer of the hit TV show Offspring and the main star Asher Keddie, I am
super excited to hear that it will be back on our screens this year.
Asher loved using the Lambini baby carrier for her beautiful baby last year and
was snapped walking through the airport. She has always been a big supporter for Australian
made designs. Love her!

Ecofriendly Baby Carrier


Our Lambini designer baby carrier is really the ultimate way to carry your baby around. Our sheepskin is completely non toxic and safe from harmful chemicals that are common in other fabrics, so you can feel comfortable knowing your baby is in safe surroundings. They really love the texture and feel of sheepskin which is 100% natural. Babies create their own scent in the wool, so every time they are back in the baby carrier, they feel right at home. Snuggled and comfy. The best baby carrier for any baby around the world. Australian sheepskin keeps your baby warm in winter and cool in summer.